Kristoffer Martin shares why he chooses to work out before eating anything

Actor-singer Kristoffer Martin gladly shared online his diet plan to keep himself fit.

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On his Instagram post last June 3, the former Tween Hearts star cautioned netizens about his diet, since it might not work for everyone.

He shared that he prefers skipping breakfast and wants to workout first before eating.

He explained, “Yung kakain ka na rin sa wakas. Hahaha. Ewan ko kung healthy ba yung diet and workout routine ko pero share ko lang. I don’t eat breakfast.

“Basta I always workout first before ako pwede kumain. Hindi pwedeng mauuna ako kumain bago magworkout.

“Kinukuha ko lang energy ko para makapag workout is black coffee.”

The Kapuso actor likens his diet plan to intermittent fasting. describes intermittent fasting as an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating.

“Pwedeng pasok sa intermittent fasting kasi laging past 12 naman na ko nakakakain and laging last meal ko is 8pm. Hope this helps sa mga nagtatanong.” Kristoffer said.

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