Frankie Pangilinan responds to bashers who called her “bobo” and “unggoy”

Pangilinan, daughter of Sharon Cuneta and Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan, is making headlines again and this time she’s dragging all of her haters by exposing them one-by-one.

On Instagram, the 19-year-old participated in the trending hashtag “#WeBlockAsOne” and began writing a post to her bashers that made her doubt herself.

She started with the words, “For all the times you managed to make me question my self-worth. For all the times you threatened to find me, hurt me, kill me. For all the times you tried to silence me and for everyone who felt the same — for everyone who deserves better. #WeBlockAsOne.”

The singer-songwriter then posted a series of screenshots from her DMs and tagged comments exposing the names of a few of her bashers.

This prompted Frankie to ask, “Why are you so obsessed with me?”

She ended the argument by stating that her bashers have based their criticisms on her looks and her voice but not on facts.

She wrote, “Ok, last na — if any of these contextually superficial ass things are your consistent crutch or crutches: the word bobo, my voice, my relationship status, my family members’ love lives … and you can’t make any substantial fact-based arguments, e ‘di panalo ako, ‘di ba?”

This isn’t the first time Frankie responded to criticisms involving her and her statements online.

In an earlier made by, the teenager spoke up about the negative comments she’s received after making a statement about the military force’s relation to -19.

In it, she explained her take on a headline from a news article about her statement.

She wrote, “It’s a headline I didn’t write, based on a meme tweet I made, that was followed-up repeatedly by my actual fully composed thoughts and opinions but they wouldn’t check that would they.”

She then revealed that she woke up to so many comments that prompted her to disable her comments section on Instagram.

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